Pieter Ferreira

Chief Operating Officer
Graham Beck
Affectionately known as “Mr Bubbles”, Pieter Ferreira eats, drinks and breathes bubbles! Pieter has been with the team from the very first vintage and has been instrumental in cementing Graham Beck as one of the world’s leading producers of premium Méthode Cap Classique style sparklin

Pieter’s love affair with MCC style sparkling wines started early on in his winemaking career. The bubbly bug bit hard and wouldn’t let go as his innate admiration for the universal charm of this challenging style of wine took hold. He credits his microbiology and plant science background with helping him to understand and appreciate the finer nuances of crafting Cap Classique. Numerous vintages in Champagne, France, and other top wine producing regions across the globe have provided plenty of opportunities for Pieter to hone his natural affinity for this specialized and exacting craft.

His extraordinary dedication to crafting wines of authenticity, consistency and supreme elegance has seen him and his team reap countless high profile awards both here and abroad. As chairman of the Cap Classique Producers Association (CCPA) Pieter continues to innovate and inspire in his tireless quest for ‘the perfect bubble’.

Over the years he’s been asked countless times “what defines a truly outstanding Cap Classique?” The answer is as simple as this: it’s when you ask for that second bottle! “A truly ‘world class’ Cap Classique is the result of favourable vintage conditions and reflects stricter fruit selection and the utmost care in the cellar in the pursuit of even greater excellence. That’s the academic response, but most importantly to us producers it’s the reaction from the consumer,” explains Pieter.

“Graham Beck Wines and the many other top local Cap Classique producers are proving that South Africa has got what it takes in the bubbly stakes. We’ve developed a uniquely home grown, ‘New World’ style, while remaining true to the essence, technique and tradition of fine fizz,” says Mr Bubbles.

After a remarkable 32 years at the helm of the cellar, Pieter transitioned into his new position as Graham Beck’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2022.