Anthony Mbombo

Anthony Mbombo, cellarworker at Vrede & Lust, Simondium, was a finalist in the SA Cellar worker Programme in 2010.

Anthony is permanently employed in the cellar at Vrede en Lust, but is also responsible for the deliveries.

He believes the best time in the cellar is during harvest time, when everyone is very busy and the adrenaline is flowing.

Susan Erasmus, winemaker of Vrede & Lust plays an important role in his career and she motivates him constantly.

Anthony Mbombo believes that a role model is established in the way an individual treats others; the respect this individual will pay fellow colleagues and other individuals and how a person lives his life.

Anthony believes he is anchored in the wine industry as his wife is also a cellar worker.

He is an active member of the Circle of Excellence