Gert Booysen

Gert Booysen was born on Waverley in Tulbagh and spend the first few years of his life on Waverley. The family moved to Neethlingshof in 1988 when Gert’s father Martiens accepted a position on the estate.

In 2000 Schalk van der Westhuizen of Neethlingshof enquired after Gert during a conversation with Martiens and asked that Gert meet with him. Gert immediately accepted the offer for a position in the cellar and it was a dream come true for him.

He has always been interested in the winemaking process since his childhood on Waverly.

He enjoys it most when the grapes are delivered and the processing of the grapes starts. It is  good feeling to observe the quality of the grapes and the hard work that preceded the harvest. Gert enjoys the harvest and the fermentation process most.

De Wet Viljoen, winemaker of Neethlingshof motivates Gert a lot and provides a lot of guidance. Gert is ambitious but he considers each decision taken carefully. He would like to become a winemaker eventually.

Gert is actively involved in the Vlottenburg community; he is involved in community work amongst the youth in Vlottenburg and coaches a junior rugby team.

Gert believes one must be inquisitive, never to stop learning and to keep one’s dreams alive