Charles Botha

Charles Botha is a regular participant since 2009 of the Winetech study groups. He was also a finalist of the SA cellar worker programme in 2013.

Charles’ life has been linked to the wine industry since early childhood and it was therefore a natural progression to follow a career as a cellar worker. Charles father was employed by Slanghoek Cellar for many years until his death in 2000.

Charles matriculated at the Breederiver High School in 1996 and was appointed as a temporary worker at Slanghoek Cellar during the harvest of 1997. He became a permanent worker at a later stage which meant that father and son worked together at Slanghoek.

He was always curious and inquisitive as a child while watching the lorries delivering the grapes at the cellar and he could observe closely as the Botha family lived on the cellar premises.

Dassie Stevens of Slanghoek Cellar became a mentor to the young Charles, patiently answering all his questions.

Charles is motivated by his family and colleagues and his faith is a source of strength.  He believes that everyone deserves a chance; to make suggestions and to find solutions to challenges.

There is no doubt that Charles is a role model in his community.