Benna Smal

Benna Smal, a regular participant of the Winetech study groups, was a finalist of the SA Cellar worker Programme in 2014 and is a member of the Circle of Excellence.

He is a born and bred inhabitant of the Robertson district and also a qualified plumber. He had his own plumbing business many years ago before he became involved in the wine industry.

Initially Benna and his team of workers were temporarily employed in 1997 by Graham Beck Wines, but in 1999 the team was appointed permanently, with Benna as the cellar supervisor.

Benna confirms that Graham Beck Wines is an excellent company to work for and that the company invests extensively in their employees.

He enjoys harvesting most and quality wine and quality work equally motivates him.

Benna believes one must be a role model both at home and at work.

He has a passion for sport and he believes sport motivates people and makes a positive difference in lives.

His dream is to become assistant winemaker at Graham Beck Wines.

Benna believes one must be consistent in one’s behaviour and that communication is important. He also believes one must do one’s work to the best of one’s ability.