Elvezo Barry

Elvezo Barry, team leader of DGB Boschendal white and red wine cellars, is a regular participant of the Winetech study groups. In 2017 he was one of the top-3 participants, out of a group of 478 cellar assistants who participated in the Winetech study groups.

He is originally from Stellenbosch, but in 1998 his parents moved to Franschhoek, when both were employed by Mont Rochelle. He attended Groendal Secondary School and passed Grade 12 successfully in 2003.

Elvezotemporarily joined Graham Beck Wines, Franschhoek, during the 2003 harvest. He successfully applied for a permanent position, as cellar assistant at DGB Boschendal during 2007 and started his career as a cellar assistant during January 2008. He is currentlyteam leader for the white and red wine cellars since 2015.

Elvezo has successfully completed the Wine Training SA training courses, SKOP 1, 2, 3, including the learnership in winemaking.

Elvezo’s father, who was also employed in the wine industry, played an important role in his decision to become a cellar assistant. He finds his work interesting and there are always new challenges in the industry. He enjoys working with people and wine, and is aware that he made an impact on the quality of the wine.

His family and his work at DGB continue to motivate him. He explains that the relationship of trust between DGB and cellarassistants is a huge motivating factor, as DGB gives exposure to cellar assistants and encourages them to reach their full potential through training. DGB also consults with the cellar assistants regarding the training they would like to participate in.

Elvezo believes that there are many opportunities available for cellar assistants in the wine industry, but they are not always aware of opportunities available to them.
He believes that a role model should continuously grow and improve in the workplace; role models should lead through example; they should be humble and treat others with respect.

Dedication and self-discipline are very important to Elvezo and he believes that one should go the extra mile and commits 100% in everything one gets involved with.

His goal is to learn as much as possible about the wine industry and to increase his knowledge. He believes cellar assistants should be committed to their own development and that each one should believe in his/her own potential. Elvezo also believes that everyone should make use of the existing opportunities available in the industry.