Godfrey Josiah

Godfrey Josiah, cellar assistant of La Motte, is a regular participant of the Winetech study groups.

He was born in Stellenbosch, but his family moved to Franschhoek when he was in Grade 4. Godfrey successfully completed his matric in 1998 at Groendal Secondary School, Franschhoek.

He has close links with the wine industry. His late father was the driver for La Motte and his mother, initially a vineyard worker, was appointed as cook at the La Motte crèche, but currently she is employed at the Dennegeur crèche. His brothers are cellar assistants at well-known estates in Franschhoek and Stellenbosch.

After Godfrey passed his matric he started as a vineyard worker at La Motte. Management realised his potential and he received a bursary to study marketing at Boland College, Paarl. In 2003 Godfrey returned to the estate and was employed as a temporary worker in the bottling plant. Godfrey completed various courses successfully during this period, i.e. the Wine Training South Africa SKOP 1, 2, 3, 4, as well as the WTSA junior cellar management course. Since 2006 Godfrey is permanently employed as a cellar assistant at La Motte.

Werner Geldenhuys, previously employed by La Motte, played an important role in his life. Today, Edmund Terblanche and Michael Langenhoven, including his family, continue to motivate him.

Godfrey is passionate about all aspects of his work. He believes that cellar assistants face numerous challenges in the industry, but is also of the opinion that there is not enough trust between cellar assistants and that they should get to know one another.

According to Godfrey, cellar assistants are generally isolated due to work related circumstances and that increased interaction between cellar assistants would be beneficial.

He is also convinced that many opportunities are available in the industry and that one should make use of it when it is available. He confirms that the Winetech study groups decrease the isolation cellar assistants’ experience.

Godfrey believes that attitude is an important factor which resolves challenges one experiences. It is his dream to become an assistant winemaker and to continue to aim higher, not only in the workplace, but also in his personal life.

He feels strongly one must learn as much as possible and to attend as many training courses possible. Godfrey believes that one should give back to society; to show respect and to live with integrity. He believes we should all make a mind shift and to realise how privileged we all are.

Godfrey Josiah is passionate about wine and has clear goals. He is a wise individual, who wants to make a difference.