Jerome Brouwer

Jerome Brouwer’s parents moved to Donkerhoek, Simondium when he was very young. His father started as a vineyard worker on the farm and his mother was employed in the crèche. Currently his father is production manager at Donkerhoek.

Jerome matriculated in 1999 at Kylemore High School and completed a computer course before he was employed in 2000 as a vineyard worker at Donkerhoek.

He was also employed by Alleè Blue as a cellar assistant for almost five years. In 2012 Jerome was appointed in a temporary position at Vrede & Lust, which eventually became a permanent position.

Donkerhoek played an important role in his life, but his decision to become a cellar assistant was primarily influenced by friends who are also employed in the cellar environment. He enjoys working with barrels and blending of wines.

Susan Erasmus, the previous winemaker of Vrede & Lust and his colleagues motivate him. Karlin Nel and Duan Engelbrecht make an important contribution to the transfer of knowledge to him and his fellow cellar assistants and are always available to assist and to give guidance when necessary. His family and in particular his father play an enormous role to motivate him.

Jerome is of the opinion that more can be done in terms of training of cellar assistants in the wine industry. He confirmed that he benefits enormously from the Winetech study groups. However, Jerome is of the opinion that there is a serious need for the transfer of practical knowledge to cellar assistants, but opportunities for promotion are limited.

According to Jerome a role model should assist others; treat fellow human beings with respect and their personal and professional lives should be an example to others. In order to make a positive contribution in the cellar, Jerome assists his younger colleagues and shares his knowledge with them.

Jerome confirmed that it was an incredible moment for him to have been one of the top ten achievers of the 2017 Winetech study groups. This achievement acts as an additional motivation to participate again during 2018.

Jerome hopes to become an assistant-winemaker one day and would like to learn as much as possible in order to achieve his goals.

Jerome Brouwer of Vrede & Lust has a positive attitude and this makes a huge difference.