Gary van Wyk

Gary van Wyk, cellar assistant of DGB, was born and raised in Wellington. He attended Wellington Primary and Secondary Schools and passed matric successfully in 1996. In 1997 he joined Kaplan and Sons in Paarl. His late father, Maurice, was production manager of Kaplan and Sons until he passed away in 2002.

In 2002 Gary joined the Momentum Insurance Company for a few years before he started as a temporary harvest assistant at DGB Wellington. In 2008, Gary was appointed as a permanent cellar assistant in the harvest cellar, in Wellington.

He successfully completed the Wine Training SA SKOP 3 and junior cellar management training and in 2012 Gary participated in the Burgandy Exchange Programme for cellar assistants.

Gary attended the Winetech study groups in 2015 for the first time. He believes that increased knowledge impacts on the quality of work delivered.

His late father was a mentor and motivated him. It was a logical decision for him to accept a position in the cellar environment. His late father taught him that one has to work very hard and to deliver one’s best in order to succeed. He encouraged Gary to be inquisitive and to ask questions to increase his knowledge.

Gary enjoys harvest time as it is a busy, but interesting time in the cellar. Gary believes that DGB creates numerous opportunities for cellar assistants. He is of the opinion that cellar assistants are often scared to take a chance, but he is convinced that there are a lot of opportunities available in the industry. Gary firmly believes one should have a positive attitude, also in the workplace. According to Gary respect and patience for others are important aspects in human relations.

Gary learned from his father that one must be prepared to work hard and to be disciplined. He believes team work is extremely important and that one should have the right attitude.

Gary is an exceptionally positive person who definitely makes a difference.