Christo Beukes

Christo Beukes, the operational winemaker at Klawer Cellar, is originally from the area.

He passed matric successfully in 1997 and joined Trawal Cellar in February 1998 as a temporary cellar assistant, which became a permanent position after the 1998 harvest.

After the amalgamation of Trawal and Klawer Cellars he stayed on at Trawal Cellars until 2006, when he was appointed as a machine operator at Klawer Cellars. In November 2006 Christo applied successfully for the assistant winemaker position at Klawer Cellars and was employed in this position until 2011. From 2011 Christo has been employed as operational winemaker at Klawer Cellars.

The cellar environment and winemaking play an important part in his life, as his father is also employed in the wine industry. Christo enjoys working with young individuals, who join Klawer Cellars as temporary cellar assistants during harvest time, sharing his knowledge with them.

His work environment motivates Christo and Roelof van Schalkwyk acts as a mentor to him.

Christo indicated there are few opportunities available for the development of skills of Xhosa and Sotho cellar assistants but believes the Winetech study groups address this challenge.

Christo believes that one should always be true to oneself and to act in a consistent manner.