Titus Mutuvira

When Titus Mutuvira first entered the hospitality industry back in 2012, he joined the Sandton Sun as a young and definitely inexperienced young man. However, he knew what he wanted to do and had a natural confidence that took him into the front line of hospitality.

Tsogo Sun Johannesburg, Southern Sun Sandton - Candidate Titus Mutuvira
Today he is an integral part of the SAN Restaurant serving team. What was once a natural ability and part of his personality, has now become his recognisable approach to guests, who he looks after with confidence and professionalism. Although he enjoys all aspects of being a wine steward, he takes particular pride in being able to assist guests with the food and wine pairing process, enjoying the whole challenge of finding just the right match from within the extensive Tsogo Sun wine list.

Titus’s particular brand of confidence presents itself in other ways too for he is always at the forefront of sales. In particular, he is also the leader in the sales of the hotel’s famous Auction wine list.

Even with that kind of track record, he is aware of how much more knowledge he needs to acquire and how much hard work lies ahead to really get to the top of the ladder, something he strongly desires.

“I just love service and my guests,” he says enthusiastically. “I believe that if there is no wine, there is no love. Wine is the philosophy of a great meal.” He relishes the challenge that lies ahead and considers the opportunity of competing in the Inter - Hotel Challenge to be an opportunity of personal growth.