Matthew Ntsele

His journey started in 2006 aged 19 employed at L'Oréal South Africa cosmetics as a sales representative. During this time he was pursuing engineering studies on a full-time basis and working part time.

One&Only Cape Town - Candidate Matthew Ntsele
In 2009 he went on to join Electro Technical Agency as a junior automation technician. Although his direction appeared distant to a career in hospitality, unforeseen circumstances changed his path.

It was due to a relocation in 2011 that he was in between work and an opportunity arose to join a fine dining establishment in his home town, Durban. After three years of being active in hospitality from waiter to barman, self-taught barrister and eventually restaurant manager he was presented a new opportunity in e-commerce. Between 2014 and 2016 he worked with an e-commerce retailer for a leather gallery, a fast growing premium furniture retail company and Peg Surf, simultaneously. During this time he acquired skills in sales and marketing, web development, social media marketing, chain supply supply and inventory control. Yet a journey to Cape Town would soon redirect Matthew back into hospitality.

2016 brought a new love affair after visiting Cape Town twice he decided to make the city his home. Matthew was initially employed by Cattle Baron in the heart of one of Cape Town ’s major wine regions, Constantia but this time was short lived. He went on to join the Kove Collection where he dabbled in mixology. In 2017 he finally joined One&Only Cape Town as a waiter and this is where he renders his services to date. Throughout the years Matthew has maintained his keeness for wines and spirits and seeks to expand his knowledge to grow as a sommelier.

Candidate Wine Steward of the One&Only Cape Town, Matthew Ntsele’s journey started in 2006 aged 19 employed at L’Oreal designer cosmetics as a sales representative.