Solomon Banda

I was born and educated in Zambia, but I wanted to travel, to meet people and experience new cultures. After some traveling I found myself in the rainbow nation filled with people of different cultures, this is where I decided to set down my roots and picked up my marketing studies. It was during this time I started working as a waiter in a family restaurant.

Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront - Candidate Solomon Banda
The thrill of traveling lead Solomon Banda to South Africa.

I enjoyed learning about the food and wine so much, the different notes on wine and how they pair so well with specific dishes. This curiosity led me to a job at a Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. I spent this time enhancing my knowledge of hotels, cuisine and wine.

After some time passed I decided to move to the city and found my new home at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront where I've been for the past two years. My love and passion for the job comes from spending time with our loyal return guests and meeting the new ones. I take pride in ensuring all our guests receive the very best service and that they have only the best guest experiences.

At the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, I am constantly learning. Executive Chef Norman Heath loves sharing knowledge with us, like why he pairs certain flavours with each other and Dominique F&B Operation Manager, encourages us to learn about each wine so we are able to suggest the perfect pairing for our guests.

I have so much still to learn, but I hope to one day run my own restaurant, where I can share my passion with the younger generations and hopefully guide them on their paths.