Siyabonga Mthembu

My journey in the hospitality industry started at the President Hotel in 2009 where I worked as a waiter in the Islands Restaurant. In 2012 I left to pursue my private business dream of selling fish and chips. It was a success, however I decided to return to the President Hotel in 2013 once again as a waiter. My key responsibilities were to assist the sommelier in food and wine pairings.

The Vineyard Hotel - Candidate Wine Steward: Siyabonga Mthembu
I started at The Vineyard in October 2017 at Splash Café as a pool waiter, after the 2017/2018 season I moved to room service where I worked as a mini bar attendant and room service waiter. In August 2018 I became a waiter at The Square Restaurant. I began working the breakfast shift first then later proceeded to late shift permanently in October 2018.

I had the opportunity to work in various outlets, which gave me a holistic view of the operations within the hotel. I believe that my extended knowledge and experience makes me a reliable asset not only for The Square Restaurant, but also for the hotel.

My love for expanding my knowledge about wine has led me here, for the past several years I have learnt the evolution of wine; from the grape in the vineyard to the wine in the glass. The ‘art’ incurred therein is quite amazing and I find the study of wine extremely fascinating. Furthermore, I love being able to give my guests an unforgettable experience when dining at The Square Restaurant. It is the intangible moments that create an experience for guests, and I pride myself with continuously delivering a service that is beyond expectations.

Over the years, infinite lessons taught me how to manage diverse situations. I believe positive thinking leads to sound judgement and calculated actions. I am a humble person and never back down from any challenge or opportunity presented to me. I believe that it is my various qualities and positive attitude that lead to recognition from both my colleagues and superiors. My enthusiasm, willingness to broaden my wine horizons and passion to share information with my team is the driving force behind learning more about the wine industry. Representing, The Vineyard Hotel at the Inter-Hotel challenge this year is definitely my career highlight. Being a smart and dedicated individual, I will give my undivided attention to this challenge and carry The Vineyard Hotel name high.