Marina Laubser

Assistant Winemaker
Marina Laubser studied BSc Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University and, after completing her studies in 2015, she headed overseas. After bringing in the harvests in Australia and the USA, Marina returned home. “Three people sent me the Babylonstoren job ad and I decided it had to be fate. I went for an interview and, with grace, got the job!”

Her role at Babylonstoren is to act as assistant to both the cellar master and the winemaker, helping them to make the best wine and olive oil. When harvest rolls around, Marina can be found running the show on the floor. “When I’m not in and around the cellar, I’m usually in the vineyards sampling the vines”. She also assists the team at wine shows throughout the year and everything else in between, such as labelling, bottling and entering wine competitions on behalf of the cellar.

“Babylonstoren as a cellar is extremely dynamic. One of our biggest privileges, and advantages, is our terroir. With 13 cultivars, varied height elevations and a rich history of viticulture, one cannot help but get excited when harvest season approaches! The possibilities are endless.”

“My first harvest will always be my most cherished memory. I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful team at Babylonstoren. I have amazing teachers who provide me with the platforms and exposure to be able to grow continually.” She adds that it is winemaker Klaas Stoffberg’s keen eye for detail and his passion that contribute to the cellar’s success, as well as cellar master Charl Coetzee’s humbleness and steadfastness.

Marina says her passion for winemaking is rooted in the fact that it is such a diverse and unpredictable craft. “Every year is different, because there are so many variables that you have zero control over. One truly learns to make the best with whatever you are given that season.”

Inspired by the trade and driven by passion, the Babylonstoren winemaking team continually manages to unlock the best the farm and its vineyards have to offer.