The process of nurturing our wines begins long before the grape is born. Two centuries of experience in cultivating vineyard material, coupled with sound knowledge of the terroir and vineyards, made this cellar’s transition to producing enchanting boutique-style wines a natural one.

Our people’s commitment to quality and innovation is demonstrated by the gentle, hands-on approach of this winery. Grapes are hand-picked and meticulously hand-sorted. A philosophy of minimal intervention is adhered to, as the main aim in our cellar is to allow the quality of the fruit to stand proud. Minimal intervention is key when creating our wines, which are full of flavour and soft tannins, boasting the style and sophistication associated with the Old World, together with the intense fruit flavours of the New.

Winning the VinPro Winetech Vineyard Selection Competition for three years in succession is a proud testimony to our exacting standards and commitment to quality and innovation in our vineyards. Years of know-how in cultivating vineyard material (and a treasure-chest of knowledge about our environment) are ploughed directly back into the vineyards.

A long, healthy growing season produces perfectly ripe, well-hung grapes with exquisite flavours. Our situation (on well-shaded mountain slopes) results in less direct radiation from the sun. Early summer south-easterly winds help the soil to dry easily, producing smaller berries, while late summer south-westerly winds bring cooler afternoons and evenings, which make for a gentler ripening period.

Only the finest 5% of our total production is chosen for our own Bosman Family Vineyards label. Balanced vineyards, imaginative winemaking techniques and respect for tradition all combine to create enticing wines.

“Respect” was also the keyword when restoration and building took place on the estate, and all existing building elements from the past, such as the walls of the old kraal, open cement fermentation-tanks, roof-structures and rough walls were treasured and incorporated into the design.

Restoration of original cellar began in 2006, with the existing 18th-century style being retained in the overall building process.

Through the skilful utilsation of space, the historic barrel-cellar will once again serve a purpose, equipped with artfully hidden modern facilities. The old production cellar is to become a well-appointed tasting room, with the open cement fermentation tanks housing the vinotheque and museum of the old farm - and winemaking equipment.

Attention to detail, coupled with stylish architecture and a proud link with our past, is what separates the Lelienfontein cellar from any other. It is here, as a result of this happy marriage between old and new, that our delightful wines are born, crafted with loving care by the accomplished winemakers at Bosman Family Vineyards.

Bosman Family Vineyards