Sustainable Farming

IPW & Biodiversity initiatives

IPW is a process where the South African wine industry is striving to produce wine as environmentally friendly as possible.

This is achieved by ensuring that there are no spray residues present in the grapes, chemicals used are within the withholding period required for the use of such chemicals and only registered chemicals for grape production are used.

In the winery itself 90% of grapes used must be produced under IPW guidelines. There must be no non- permitted residues present in the wine produced. All water used in the cellar must be disposed of through a proper water management system.

Proper prescribed record keeping must be in place, and up to date, to record any process and addition from vineyard to final labeling.

BWI is a partnership between the South African Wine industry and Conservation to try and minimize the loss of threatened natural habitat and also to restore the natural habitat on our wine farms.

At Seidelberg we are on a program of cleaning the mountain area behind our cellar from alien plants and giving the natural indigenous flora and fauna the opportunity reestablish in this area. This is done in conjunction with the working for water project in the Western Cape. Using our own resources, Seidelberg has been cleaning river beds and wetland areas in the low lying parts of our farm from non-indigenous trees.

Driving through our vineyard you will notice increasing amounts of Steenbok, Duiker and birds with the most impressive the increasing number of Blue cranes

Seidelberg Wine Estate