Our Wines

The wines of Waterford Esate are crafted with food in mind and the pursuit of refinement, finesse and elegance are the challenges that are taken up to create this style of wine.

Waterford Estate The Jem
Waterford Estate released their flagship red wine, The Jem, in October 2007. Waterford’s ambition has always been to make the best possible red wine from their home grown vineyards, a wine that expresses Waterford’s ethos of uncompromising quality. This wine has been ten years in the making, and is dedicated to, and named after, Jeremy Ord, the proprietor of Waterford Estate, who is fondly known as Jem to his friends and family.

Waterford Estate The Family Reserve
The Family Reserve label originated in 2001 with a natural sweet dessert wine dedicated to Leigh Ord and Heather Arnold and aptly named Heatherleigh. The current dessert wine is a Noble Late Harvest.

Kevin Arnold Shiraz
Kevin Arnold Shiraz is a single label brand that was first released in 1999 with the 1998 Kevin Arnold Shiraz. Each vintage is dedicated to one of the Ord and Arnold children by carrying their name on the label.

Waterford Estate
The Waterford label was launched in 1998 with a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Sauvignon Blanc. The Chardonnay was added a year later. In 2004 the vineyards and property was registered as an estate and the labels were changed to Waterford Estate.

Pecan Stream

Pecan Stream was first released in 1999 with a Chenin Blanc and a red blend. The range has been expanded to include a Sauvignon Blanc.

Waterford Wine Estate