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In order to ensure full financial management of the supply chain of white grape juice concentrate from the producer to the end consumer, Orange River Cellars bought the business from KWV in 2009. This strategic decision to buy the business led to Orange River Concentrate Producers becoming a new division of Orange River Cellars.

About Concentrate
On average, Orange River Concentrate Producers has an annual production of about 10 million liters of white grape juice concentrate (WGJC). Around 60 - 70 percent of this product is sold locally and the other 30 - 40 percent is sold to the renowned Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan, as they focus on food and soft drink companies like Glico, Coca-Cola, Kirin, Meiji Milk, Sapporo and Meg Milk. Locally, Orange River Concentrate Producers is the main white grape juice concentrate supplier to the market. Our local clients include Ceres Fruit Juices, Parmalat, Tiger Brands, Pacmar and Letaba Citrus. The concentrate is, however, used globally for sweetening of yoghurts, fruit juices, soft drinks and even baby food. It is the sugar base for these products because of its composition, which has glucose, fructose and even a degree of sucrose.

Orange River Concentrate Producers get their grape juice from Orange River Cellars and it consists mainly of the cultivars Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Merbein and Sultana. The grape juice delivered for production is made according to strict specifications and chosen to produce a high quality product. The juice should have a low acid content, no prominent varietal character and the color should be light. The level of expertise, technological excellence and quality of the grapes that go into making the juice concentrate ensures that an outstanding product is delivered. Grape juice concentrate can be used for the sweetening of any wine except special late harvest, noble late harvest, sherry and wine from dried grapes. It can also be used to increase the sugar content of juice before fermentation, provided the process adheres to certain conditions. When it comes to wine, the extent of the sweetening is large and is preferred over grape juice because less is needed for the same result. Some Orange River Concentrate Producers clients include Orange River Cellars, Distell, Roodezandt, Mooiuitsig and Hartswater.

The plant, situated in Upington, started in 1993 and has a production capacity of 80 million litres of grape juice or 13.5 million litres of white grape juice concentrate. The process followed is to concentrate grape juice of 17.9° Balling to 35° Balling, make the product protein and tartrate stable and then concentrate from 35° to 68° Balling. The product is distributed in bulk and is pasteurized before loading to prevent any microbiological contamination. The plant in Upington is ISO 22000, HACCP, Coca-Cola and Halaal accredited.
Orange River Concentrate Producers supply concentrate in 200 litre drums and make use of the Breede Valley Fruit Processors in Worcester to do the aseptic filling of the product. The plant in Worcester is also HACCP and Coca-Cola accredited.

Orange River Concentrate Producers is distinguished by the following factors:
  1. We produce white grape juice concentrate according to strict standards.
  2. Characteristics which distinguish our product involve SO2, colour, clarity, pH and acid content.
  3. The concentrated product may be diluted to single strength juice, which allows the original quality, value and composition analysis of the original grape juice to be seen.
  4. Our white grape juice concentrate is Natamycin free. "The strategy of Orange Concentrate producers is to make a steady volume of high quality concentrate available to our clients at a competitive and market related price, this will enable us to support our producers and allow for them to farm in a financially viable way." For more information on our white grape juice concentrate or any of our other products, Orange River Wines today.

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