About our Wines

We are absolutely passionate about growing grapes along the Cape West coast, known for its rolling hills with warm inland temperatures rising from the Swartland (‘Black Land’) during the day and cool Atlantic sea breezes rolling in overnight.

About our wines
Our new winemaker Jaco van Niekerk, with his energetic and positive attitude, is set to position Piekenierskloof Wine Company as one of the leading wineries in the South African wine landscape, not only because of its quality, unique terroir and distinguishing flavour, but also through offering a noteworthy experience in South African culture.

The deep water retaining soils of the regions sustain un-irrigated bush vine through the long warm summers and are tempered with cool sea breezes at nightfall. The reward comes in the form of small concentrated (grape) berries with a fine balance between sugar, acid, tannin and colour at harvest – all the ingredients necessary to produce ripe and exceptionally flavourful wines.

The labels of the Piekenierskloof brand are inspired by the soldiers that once protected the pass. Distinguished by their unique attire and long lances, the Dutch Piekeniers (soldiers) are our selected icons for the expansive Piekenierskloof Pass. With two decades of democracy behind us, we decided to 'disarm' our soldiers, placing their efforts into more constructive actions for our labels. Each stance and gesture now represent everything we are about – philosophy, peace, liberty, new beginnings, foundations, establishing new roots, harvest and enjoying the fruits of our labour. Topped with a vibrant orange, we tip our hat towards both the Dutch origins of our name and the region’s history of citrus and fruit farming.

The Six Hats brand encapsulates what Fairtrade represents to each one of us - the farm worker, grape farmer, viticulturist, winemaker and marketer alike - and it sets the tone for what we love to do every day, making great wine from great berries.

The Six Hats stand for the principles that guide our collaborations:

Partnership - To continually improve our collaboration as we work together towards our Fairtrade goal.
Change - To meaningfully empower the farming and working communities we touch.
Potential - To nurture and grow the potential of individuals as well as community groups so that they in turn may empower themselves.
Equity - To expand our commitment to Fairtrade resulting in a percentage of sales revenue being ploughed back into community development projects.
Dignity - To recognise the contribution of all stakeholders and treat one another with mutual respect.
Sustainability - To continue to grow and develop Six Hats in line with Fairtrade’s guiding social, economic and environmental standards.

Piekenierskloof Wine Company