The Stolen Chicken

Stolen Chicken is a very special brand to us, and the story behind this particular wine is one that makes it so much more than a casual drink.

This is a wine in honour of a particularly important person, son of Pia, founder and owner of Kunjani wines. His name is James.

In 2016, James was driving down a road in Stellenbosch and stumbled across some chickens on the side of the road. In his head, he decided that these chickens needed a home and he was going to take them on. When he arrived home with two chickens - one black, one white - Pia was exasperated.

“Where did you get those chickens James?”

“I found them on the side of the road!”

“No James, those belong to someone! You stole them.”

“Mom, who leaves their chickens on the side of the road?!”

And thus, the story of the stolen chickens was born. James named them Penelope and Night Rider, and he took them on as his own: constructing them a pen, looking after them, and trying to build his new chicken farmering endeavor. These chickens gave him much joy and we hope this wine gives you the same joy.

James passed away on 5 June 2016, and as a way to honour his legacy and let his spirit live on, we developed this Rosé - a blend of our Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot. Served with a bowl of beautifully ripe strawberries and raspberries and a sinful drop of toffee apple syrup. Since pink was James’s favourite colour, we felt it fitting to put his face on our pink Rosé.

So, enjoy this incredibly special wine while you laugh with your friends, dance with your partner, discuss the meaning of life with your family, and possibly consider an outrageous new business venture - just as James always did. And when you drink this wine, remember to be silly, to be caring and to be adventurous - just as James always was. In this way, his unique spirit lives on.

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