A range of handmade “boutique” wines from the unirrigated south facing vineyards surrounding Stellenbosch’s historic Devon Valley Hotel. Our viticulturist, Lorna Roos, helps ensure the luscious, ripe and healthy grapes we need to make these full-bodied, intensely flavourful wines.

New-clone Cabernet vines have been planted to augment the existing Pinotage and Chenin Blanc vineyards, and we will release our first Cabernet based wine – a dry rosé - later in 2002. We are particularly excited about our unique “VINE-DRIED” wines – the first Chenin and Pinotage releases are now available in tiny quantities.

SylvanVale wines are made at DevonCrest on the slopes behind the Hotel by award-winning winemaker, Martin Meinert, formerly of Vergelegen.

Sylvanvale Vineyards