Xolani Mancotywa

Xolani Mancotywa, a sommelier who's passionate about food, beverages and people, is the managing director of Chenin Noir.

Xolani Mancotywa is qualified sommelier, beverage steward and sake sommelier. He holds the rank of Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers and he won Best Young Sommelier in South Africa competition in 2013.

His skill is a culinary symbiosis with a deep understanding of how food, wine and other beverages work in harmony. As a qualified chef from Warwick Chef School, Xolani has ensured that his relationship between food, beverage and culture defines how he develops experiences. Xolani’s immersion in food and beverage has been a journey of reimagining traditional African cuisine and authentic African fine dining as critical pillars that guides his palate.

Continuing his academic aspirations, Xolani is currently enrolled in a Masters of Business Administration through the Gordon Institute of Business Science as well as the Cape Wine Master programme through the Cape Wine Academy. Xolani has a keen interest in redefining and immersing himself in the business of food and beverage with a full appreciation of the engine that is sales and marketing; strategy and innovation; and design thinking as key levers to unlocking commercial growth.

He is the managing director of Chenin Noir, a company which he founded in 2018. This "hospitality architect" was born from a passion rooted in creating an inclusive industry that encompasses the experience of customers and empowers providers with international knowledge. Chenin Noir focuses on providing its clients with leading education and holistic hospitality solutions.

Xolani has travelled and worked extensively in exotic locations such as the UAE and the Maldives and has absorbed international pallets and trades. He aims to ensure that the South African hospitality industry positions its uniqueness to the world.