Isabel Habets

Zonnebloem Wines
A scientist by training, she fell in love with bio-chemistry at university, switching from a regular BSc at Stellenbosch University to a BSc Agric to major in viticulture and oenology.

She brings almost 18 years of professional experience, years enriched by research projects to find ways of growing vines better. “By better, we mean striving for optimal grape ripeness and for greater environmental mindfulness and therefore sustainability.”

Before joining the Zonnebloem team, she was focused primarily on viticultural research and sustainability. She was part of a study exploring optimal wine-grape ripening and has played a role in Fruit Look, a portal for fruit and grape growers in the Western Cape, established with Dutch organisation eLEAF and funded by the Western Cape department of agriculture in cooperation with the national department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries. The initiative uses satellite imagery to provide weekly updates on vine growth and health. The portal allows observers to assess differences within specific vineyard blocks and also the impact of a variety of water management strategies.

She is excited at the prospect of applying what she has learned in her new role.