Ian de Villiers

Farm Manager
“The secret to success, especially in this line of work, is consistency and the ability to allow different personalities to work together and blend. You learn to work with Babylonstoren’s wonderful diversity and to adapt to what the farm offers you.”

After completing his diploma in agricultural management at CPUT, Ian de Villiers amassed his skills on a stone fruit farm outside Wellington. He joined Babylonstoren in 2015 as production manager, but was appointed as farm manager and director in February 2018. “Being appointed as farm manager and director of the company is definitely a career highlight and it has truly allowed me to ensure that quality products, which meet Babylonstoren’s standards, are produced every season.”

Ian has a clear, steadfast vision for the farm and its production. He continually emphasises the importance of consistency and is actively involved in every aspect of the farm, from the production unit as a whole to smaller day-to-day tasks. He believes in thorough planning and surrounding himself with those that share a similar end-goal for Babylonstoren