Nederburg Wine Ranges & Wine Descriptions
Nederburg is South Africa's most decorated name in wine, with more prizes and accolades than any other winery in the country. Our cellarmaster, Andrea Freeborough will tell you that she and her team don't make wines to win awards but to please people's palates.

La Motte is synonymous with the highest quality in wines. To carry the La Motte label, each wine has to reflect the greatest expertise in viticulture, combined with experience, passion and a creative flair for wine-making.

Olio, Italian Passion
Upon first arriving at the farm, we had 10-12 Mission trees behind the house. We pressed olives for oil for ourselves, and it was good.

Environmental Initiatives/ Conservation Awareness
Farming in harmony with nature – protecting our precious natural biodiversity Our dedication to farming sustainably and producing environmentally and ethically responsible MCC`s in harmony with nature is a long term commitment to safeguarding the health and welfare of our planet.

Nederburg Manor House
The Cape Dutch Manor House plays host for many events....

Our Environmental Practices
The team at Neil Ellis Wines believes in responsible environmental practices. We aim to respect the soil, cut water use, recycle and reduce energy use and greenhouse emmissions. We are a member of the IPW, a voluntary environmental sustainability scheme, and comply to their regulations.

Our History
The area around Franschhoek, which in the Afrikaans language means ‘French corner ’, was as the name suggests once a French enclave when over 300 years ago a group of Huguenot settlers arrived fleeing religious persecution.

Fleur du Cap Bergkelder Selection Range
Cut deep into the slopes of the Papegaaiberg, on the outskirts of the historic town of Stellenbosch, lies a famous landmark in the winelands. This is Die Bergkelder.

Badsberg History
Against the hill, a stone throw away from the well-known Goudini-spa holiday resort also previously known as Goudini-bad and because of that the mountain received the name Badsberg. This is where the cellar was built in 1951 and was also named Badsberg wine cellar.

About Webb Ellis
Webb Ellis - A wine of finesse and integrity embracing the past, present and future of Neil Ellis Wines.