Fleur du Cap Winemaking

The Bergkelder can be compared to the great kitchens of France, where a pastry chef will work closely with the sauce chef to produce a masterful dish.

In this winery great individual talents combine to produce a perfect wine. It has become customary for the winemaker to leave the cellar and the viticulturist “to go into the cellar”. It is in this intimate atmosphere of the winery that delectable wines are created.

The journey of Fleur du Cap wines is a long one. Every aspect of viticulture receives the utmost attention, and meticulous care. When grapes begin to ripen under the summer skies, the grapes for Fleur du Cap are scrupulously selected. Then a sense of anticipation is palpable in the winery as preparations are made for bringing in the harvest. It is in the cellar, one of the most technologically advanced in the Southern Hemisphere, that the original vision of the winemaker comes to fruition, that is: wines that definitively capture the highly sough-after qualities of varietal character and terroir.

These new generation wines are crafted in compliance with universal guidelines to ensure environmentally-friendly winemaking practices. The South African wine industry led the world in formulating guidelines for the integrated production of wine. The Bergkelder strictly adheres to these principles in ensuring exceptional wines produced in a clean, environmentally-friendly way.

Inspired by nature, Fleur du Cap wines are a collection of premium wines crafted in a style determined by the grapes themselves, allowing the full expression of the vine. These wines reflect the generosity of nature and the dedication by a devoted team at The Bergkelder who select only the finest sun ripened grapes to produce wines of abundant flavour and character. Fleur du Cap wines are made in a contemporary style with minimal human interference.

Fleur du Cap at Die Bergkelder