Muratie Quotes

In the autumn I have an irresistible urge towards Muratie...

In the autumn I have an irresistible urge towards Muratie - the melancholy, the sweet passing of the season, resides in the firms name. Everything is organic here: the cellars, one feels, are an extension of nature; they smell of earth and wood and leaves. And not at all so strange: vat after vat looms up in the cellar's gloom, and at the end of a draughty passage the green of the garden presses against the railings. The cellar smells of nutmeg, in one spot it smells just like nutmeg.
Hennie Aucamp, Author

Nowhere else in this beautiful wineland of ours are you so strongly reminded that the history of wine here is as old as South Africa itself. Here you can once again become aware that the art of wine-making arose on those pieces of earth where people with an exceptional joy in life had settled.
Maureen Joubert, Journalist

..... there are can be no more picturesque sight than this tall white-gabled building set in a wooded valley and cowered over by ivy-covered oaks
Joy Collier, Artist

Muratie Wine Estate