Rickety Bridge Statistics

The total size of the farm is 50.56 hectares which is made up as follows:

Vineyards: 12.84
Mountain: 30.87
Buildings and Dams: 0.69

Fallow ground for future development being 6.16 hectares. Of which 3 hectares is at present being prepared for the planting of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vines.

The vineyards are planted to the following varieties (in hectares):

Cabernet Sauvignon: 3.88
Shiraz: 1.63
Merlot: 1.60
Cabernet Franc: 0.42
Malbec: 0.17

Chardonnay: 1.85
Chenin Blanc: 1.48
Sauvignon Blanc: 1.01
Semillon: 0.80

The cellar has the capacity to handle 200 Tonne of Grapes each year.

Rickety Bridge Winery