About Robertson Valley

The Robertson Valley, which lies in the folds of the Riviersonderend and Langeberg mountains, where the Breede River meanders towards the Cape’s southern coastline.

It is 160km from Cape Town and has developed into one of South Africa’s most sought after wine regions.
A growing number of interesting wine varietals are being cultivated in the region which has an abundance of terroir to cater for the needs of each of these grape types.

Along the Breede River and its tributaries, rich loamy soils are found and as the terrain slopes away from them onto higher ground and up the slopes of the surrounding mountains, some of the richest deposits of lime in South Africa are found.

The valley is less than 100km from Agulhas – the southern most point in Africa – where the chilly currents from the southern oceans cause cooling winds to blow inland on summer afternoons, cooling the vineyards and giving respite throughout the growing season.

There is a majestic contrast between the barren upper mountain slopes and the lush green vineyards and fruit trees, together with farm boundary fences festooned with colourful roses, bougainvillea and cannas.

All these factors come together to create a valley that is ideally suited to making a wide range of wines – the vast majority of which are top quality.

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