For eight generations the Joubert Family have farmed the slopes of the Stellenbosch Kloof and Devon Valley both situated in the Stellenbosch area. This established family as respected farmers have lent their experience and dedication over the decades in order to produce the perfect wine grape.

Having married into the Joubert family, Jennie and Naomi experienced life on the wine farms first hand and realized the potential for a new venture. It was after a lazy Sunday family in January 2003 that they decided to take up the challenge of producing their own wine –the concept of USANA was born. USANA being the xhosa translation for a “new beginning”.

‘We began with our Sauvignon blanc and set our sights on specific blocks of vineyard which our husbands had always spoken highly of. This of course took serious negotiation but finally we bought the grapes off them.

We then approached Mike Dobrovic, a close friend and leading sauvignon blanc winemaker in Stellenbosch. He admired our determination, enthusiasm and dedication to succeed on our own and kindly agreed to work with us. To date we have launched three vintages we are extremely proud of.’

After their wives had perilously tested the feasibility of their dream and completely sold out of their sauvignon blanc every year the Joubert brothers felt it would be a exciting challenge to produce a merlot, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon of their own. They chose individual rows from their vineyards, began working very closely with Daniel de Waal an old friend, neighbour and distinguished winemaker. Together they created three outstanding handcrafted wines.

‘Running barefoot through the vineyards as boys, learning under the experienced hand of our father, living on and working the land as brothers as well as best friends and now contributing three beautiful red wines to the legacy of the Joubert family has made us extremely optimistic for the future and filled us with pride’.

The brothers have since bought a farm in the Elgin area which they are currently developing with new and exciting varieties.

The USANA wines are part of the Garagiste Movement
The phenomena of garage wines was started in Bordeaux in the early 80's. South Africa has it's own Garagiste Movement, formally established in June 2002. Many of these wines are made in converted garages, carports, sheds, rented cellar space and on the odd occassions even in the bath! All the wines produced within this movement are totally registered and certified. Every one of these wines is unique and individual and specific to the personality behind it. Enjoy!

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