Vrede en Lust Cellar Environmental Policy

Vrede en Lust Cellar is commited to respect the environment’s natural balance in all its aspects, and to conform to the legislation in all its requirements.

To reach this goal, Vrede en Lust Cellar is prepared to adopt the ISO 14001 methodology as a framework, and is already focused, from the start as a new cellar, on treating the effluent water, recycling all wine production’s waste, and reducing chemicals usage and water wastage.

The Vignerons de Franschhoek Eco-Association’s (VFEA) commitment to improve the environment is an expression of our common vision of progressive sustainable business in the Franschhoek Valley.

We reinforce this commitment by employing ISO14001 methodology as the framework to identify objectives and targets for addressing areas of environmental significance within the production facilities of wine/water at the concerned organisations.
It is our intention to progressively expand the ISO 14001 principles to other areas of the organisations, including the farms, and ultimately to the whole Franschhoek Valley.

VFEA is improving the condition of our environment by preventing pollution, reducing natural resource usage and by sensible minimal usage of chemicals.
VFEA will endeavour to comply with all national legislation and regulatory requirements.

Above all, the VFEA will strive to continuously improve our efforts to create a cleaner and safer environment for employees and larger community.
It is the responsibility of every VFEA member to ensure and support the implementation of this policy within his organisation by communicating it to all employees, suppliers and interested and affected parties.

Vrede en Lust Estate