Winemaker Profile - Niel Bester

Few Cape wine farms can boast a winemaker that has been around since the beginning and here is perhaps Plaisir de Merle's trump card.

Niel Bester was there when the cellar open its doors in 1993 and has put the grapes through their paces vintage after vintage with increasing experience and passion.

Niel selects only the best grapes for his wines blending them carefully and maturing them sensitively in the cavernous barrel cellar on the farm. He strives for a harmonious integration of fruit, wood and acid to produce wines of unsurpassed quality.

“The wines are unique in the South African context, they have a special balance.” commented Dr Paul Pontallier, director Chateau Margaux and consultant to Plaisir de Merle since 1990. “They have a lot of power and strength,” he continues, “yet they are soft and round.”

Plaisir De Merle