About us

Waverley organic wines are certainly different...

The Waverley Hills Organic Wine estate is situated on a natural water shed area, where both the Breede river and Berg rivers originate.

The fertile, oakly yellow clay terrain, is impregnated with river stones resulting in well drained soils with excellent water holding capacity. All vineyards are irrigated with pure spring quality mountain water.

Only SGS organically certified vineyard practices are followed to produce sweet, healthy fruit. All our wines are organically certified.

The traditional strong Southeasterly winds in summer, contributes to the unique terroir of the Waverley Hills Organic region.

The latest and most modern wine-making techniques are employed to ensure that the goodness of the terroir is preserved in each bottle of Waverley Hills organic wines.

The first commercially accepted wines were produced by the KWV in Paarl in 2004 and were launched in August 2005.

The Du Toit family, owners of the estate, are committed to the preservation of the environment and fair-trade practices. The Waverley Hills Organic Estate also produces superior quality olives and olive oil for your enjoyment.

A little bit of History
The Waverley name orignated from the very old Waverley Wool washery. The washery was built in 1875. This washery manufactured blankets for the 1st World War and the Anglo Boer War.

Waverley Hills Organic Wines