Waverley Hills Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds no chemicals or artificial ingredients to their product. It is rich in antioxidants and non-saturated fats that act as a shield of protection against illness.

There is an enormous amount of scientific evidence documenting how pesticides, weedkillers,fungicides and other chemical substances damage the soil and the olive trees. At Waverley Hills we pride ourselves on the organic approach and nuture every olive tree with only nature itself.

Organic methodology is implemented to ensure a safe, natural and healthy product to the end user.

Waverley Hills planted four olive varieties, Mission, Calamata, Frantoio and Manzanilla. The first olive grove was planted in 2001 and the 2005 extra virgin olive oil and fermented olives in brine are our first commercially available products.

The estate comprises an olive orchard of about 2000 table and oil olive trees. All plantings are under micro-irrigation with the pure natural water from the Huis Bos river. Due to the Mediterranean-type climate with well-defined seasons, our olive oil is perfect in its individual blend of fruitiness, appropriately attractive slight bitterness and optimal pungency.

Our olives are harvested between April and May each year. The olives are hand picked when ideally ripe and are processed within 48 hours of picking to attain optimum taste and quality. The olives are pressed at a temperature below 28?C and the resulting oil has a natural low acidity of less than 0.5%, giving it the cold pressed extra virgin accreditation. The oil in olives is a natural source of vitamin E and is high in mono-unsaturated fats. This means it can help to lower cholesterol as part of a healthy balanced diet

The olives in brine are fermented and pasteurised on the farm. As we are small, we can concentrate on quality and high standards of hygiene are adhered to throughout the whole process. The careful handling is evident in the cured olive's firm, even texture, and in its wonderful rich flavor. The olives in brine aren't pitted and contain absolutely no chemicals or preservatives.

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