The Estate

Kleine Zalze is situated just three kilometres outside of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

In the heart of the picturesque Stellenbosch Winelands lies the century-old gem of the Kleine Zalze estate. Bordering the provincial town of Stellenbosch, affectionately known as “Little Europe”, Kleine Zalze provides an escape to a timeless era of Cape Dutch architecture, exquisite wine, fine dining and leisurely days spent with family and friends.

The estate offers a variety of attractions, including Kleine Zalze’s award-winning wines, our critically acclaimed gourmet restaurant, breathtaking hiking and cycling routes, the world-renowned De Zalze golf course and our luxurious four-star Cape Dutch style lodge.

History of Kleine Zalze
​The farm was first promulgated in 1685, a time when many of the original wine estates were first laid out.

The farm is known to have produced grapes since at least 1695 when the first record of taxes payable to the Stellenbosch Town Council were made by the then owner of Kleine Zalze, Nicolaas Cleef, a German immigrant. At this time over 700 vines were recorded for tax purposes.

Kobus and Mariette Basson purchased Kleine Zalze in 1996 with Jan Malan, Mariette’s brother. Jan left the business in 2000 and Rolf Schulz, a German National, took up his share of the wine business. Kleine Zalze Lodge and Terroir Restaurant are wholly owned parts of Kleine Zalze.

In 2013 Kobus Basson became the sole owner of Kleine Zalze and to this day he is actively involved in the day-to-day management of the business in his role as Managing Director of Kleine Zalze.

Situated in the heart of the Cape Winelands, the family-owned Kleine Zalze winery has a winemaking tradition dating back to 1695. Historically, winemaking took place on a small scale, so when Kobus Basson and his family purchased the property in 1996, he ensured that its soils were scientifically evaluated and replanted according to the specific terroir characteristics and potential.

Continuous investment over the last 15 years has seen the winery evolve into one of the most awarded in Stellenbosch in recent years.

At Kleine Zalze, relationships are understood and respected as the most important source of long-term success, as the input of all stakeholders is vital in evolving wine styles to meet different market conditions. Being family owned and having started from humble beginnings, Kleine Zalze has remained true to its core values.

These values filter through all aspects of our work, and include integrity, mutual respect, pride, a sense of community and a fast commitment to our African roots.

Golf at Kleine Zalze
Situated in the heart of the Cape Winelands, our unique hospitality offering makes Klein Zalze the perfect destination for golf events of the finest standard.

Dedicated golf management and the right combination of food, award-winning wine, 4-star accommodation and a number of world-class golf courses in the near vicinity of Kleine Zalze Lodge are set to deliver enjoyment for all golf enthusiasts - be it simply for leisure, travel or on a professional corporate level.

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