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Alluvia found its name in the process referring to an alluvial deposit which was destined for the valley floor, way below.

Alluvia found its name in the process referring to an alluvial deposit which was destined for the valley floor, way below. It combined with the Table Mountain Sandstone and Granite, from the mountains surrounding us, hence Alluvia referring to the process. What remained below in a minute area on our farm is quite unique, our Hutton topsoil is some 3.5 meter deep. Unfortunately this story cannot be told, but maybe to you ? experiencing our heritage from a front row seat.

Far-fetched and fanciful ... Boldly displayed on the back labels of wine sold in your everyday wine store and supermarket. These claims made about terrior and specific cites for planting vines are putrid mucilage!

I have opted to rather tell our little family story, once again moving away from the crowd. The ilka back label tells the story of a young man with a dream.

I gave up my big-city business so that my children could grow up in the countryside. High above Stellenbosch, in the Banghoek Valley, we found a tiny enclave with soils and conditions perfect for creating a world-class wine.

Embracing our responsibility and focusing on quality, we hope to create something meaningful that will last forever, a proud legacy to leave our twin daughters, Ilse and Karla and our youngest, Lisa.  We realise how fortunate we are to live our dream, and it makes us happy to share our labour of love with those who appreciate serious wine.

We dedicate our diligence to Cabernet Sauvignon and have accepted our responsibility to give these soils the best opportunity to express themselves into a wine that will shine. A small amount of Sauvignon Blanc is also produced.

ilka wines
The first wine made from the current vineyards on the estate is a Cabernet Sauvignon and was proudly named ilka ? after the Brugmans? twin daughters Ilse and Karla. The estate has also produced a small amount of Sauvignon Blanc, simply because of the fun and enjoyment gained from this variety. At Alluvia we constantly challenge the boundaries of traditional wine making styles; an approach that earned our ilka Cab top honours at the Decanter World wine awards as well as The International Wine & Spirits awards and numerous other accolades.
The latest addition from the vineyard has been the introduction of our little baby lisa. For her, a single vineyard Cabernet Franc has been produced that has been voted the top Cabernet Franc in the country by Wine Magazine.
The final play is the coup de gra of a world class dessert wine named after the owners wife, sandie; the perfumy Viognier grapes are dried on straw mats in order to concentrate the berries after harvest. Sandie was awarded a Grand D?Or (double gold medal) at the Michelangelo wine awards in 2011.

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