The farm

750ha of land of which 260 is irrigated...

Size: 750ha of land of which 260 is irrigated.

Slope: The whole of Arabella slopes Southwards.

Irrigation: The vineyards are irrigated by drip or trickle irrigation. The valves are linked to a central computer that can irrigate by time or by cubic meters. Soil moisture content is carefully monitored by means of an electo-magnetic probe.

Wind: The prevailing winds are South-East in Summer (cooler sea breeze wind) and North-West in Winter (hot inland wind). The South Easter comes up virtually every evening and cool the whole valley.

Ave max. Summer temp – 28.27
Ave max. Winter temp – 21.65
Ave min. Summer temp – 13.87
Ave min. Winter temp – 6.67

Rain: Average annual rainfall: 333.7mm (July is the wettest month with an average of 85.8mm and February is the driest month with an average of 6.4mm of rain)

Other climatic influences: Frost: Average frost days per annum: 4 (Frost is not that common on Arabella as the land is situated a little higher – most frost occurs in low lying river areas).