Biodiversity and Wine

The Rooiberg winery story...

Rooiberg Winery has become the first wine producer in the Breede River Valley (and the first co-operative winery in South Africa!) to contribute to sustainable wine production by embracing the principles and qualifying as a member of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI).

The wine industry, Cape Nature and the Botanical Society of SA recently launched the ambitious BWI project to safeguard the natural areas on or near vineyards.

Rooiberg Winery made history by achieving membership status.

The award to Rooiberg was made at a gala function in Stellenbosch by Dr. Bruce McKenzie of the SA Botanical Society. "This partnership between the wine industry and conservation bodies is very exciting. And it is just the beginning! We hope that increasing numbers of wine producers will come forward to help us save our natural areas", he said.

The CEO of Rooiberg Winery, Johan du Preez, notes that healthy ecosystems contributed significantly to sustainable wine production. "We want to work in harmony with nature as far as possible and we are quietly proud of what we have achieved".

Conservation Summary
Total area of all farms that supply grapes to Rooiberg Winery: 11 069 ha
Total of natural areas identified for conservation: 6 343 ha
Percentage of all land set aside for conservation: 57.3%

Johan van Zijl, conservationist from McGregor, was instrumental in assisting Rooiberg prepare their BWI membership application and assessing the condition of their biodiversity.

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