Our Story

In the heart of the Elgin Valley, nestled between vineyard rows, orchards of apples and pears with an amphitheatre of the Kogelberg and Hottentots Holland mountain ranges, lies the brand home of Elgin Vintners on the Elgin Orchards farm which dates back to 1890.

Wrapped by orchards, vineyards and sloping pasture, this wonderful historic homestead has been renovated into a Victorian-style home and still boasts with its original oak and hickory floorboards. The Ridgelands Manor House was known to be a nursing station for wounded soldiers returning home after world war two ensuring their recovery after defending their country.

With library shelves safekeeping a private collection of old Elgin Vintners vintages guests can sip on the award-wining current releases, either on the sandstone terrace or relaxing under the cool shade of the ancient oak trees with views of the surrounding mountain ranges and vineyards of the region.

Ridgelands Manor House

The Ridgelands Manor House, built in 1927 and based on a Sir Herbert Baker design, which has since been converted into a four-star Boutique Guest House is the perfect hiding place for a romantic couple’s get away, or just a tranquil weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life or even the perfect venue for an intimate wedding party.

Garden enthusiasts can enjoy meandering through the English-style garden and faithful hounds are welcome to join too. The swimming pool is open to all visitors to the farm and if you are planning on spending the day with a picnic on the lawn be sure to bring along tennis rackets or mountain bikes to experience the whole farm!

Elgin Vintners