Our Wine Range

We have two ranges: The Stellekaya Eclipse Collection and the Stellekaya Fusion Collection

The 'ecliptic' is the path that our Earth follows around the sun each year. In 'times gone by' the12 constellations of the Zodiac appeared to 'rise and fall' as the months passed. In fact, the stars are fixed and it is us that are moving. Stellekaya has dedicated our varietal wines to these constellations. Each grape variety produces wine characteristics that are as constant as time itself. Our human taste moves us from one wine to the other as we, and our tastes change. Pick your favourite sensation from our collection.

Stellekaya Cabernet Sauvignon
An intense, full bodied and well structured Cabernet with multiple layers of fruits on the palate and hints of mint .

Stellekaya Merlot
A full bodied wine with minty characters and loads of black currents, hints of coffee and dried fruits.

Stellekaya Shiraz
A spicy delight that enjoys the warm climates of the Cape and rewards with full bodied spicy fruits.

Stellekaya Pinotage
A medium bodied wine with strawberry aromas, hints of plums and bananas, and a slight coffee character.

Blending wine is the most exciting part of the art of winemaking. This is where we take wines that are stars in their own right and fuse them to form new unions. Just as the alchemists of the renaissance pushed the boundaries of science, we get to push the sensory boundaries and create wines that are cryptic and complex. These fusions will reveal themselves differently over time but each 'uncorking' will be an occasion that promises a sensory explosion.

Stellekaya Orion
A traditional 'Bordeaux' styled blend with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

Stellekaya Cape Cross
A full bodied red wine with hints of coffee character, and loads of wild berries. Good balance of fruits, wood and acidity.

Stellekaya Hercules
A medium bodied wine with layers of dry, red fruits and hints of dried cherry tomatoes.

Stellekaya Boschetto
Boschetto means “small wood or forest” in Italian and links the South African winery with it’s Italian roots. The Boschetto range is for easy drinking and relaxed dining.

The name STELLEKAYA is a fusing of the Italian word “stelle” meaning constellation or stars and the African word “kaya” meaning home, to produce a name that means “Home of the Stars”. We have chosen to link our branding to astronomy and more specifically some of the 48 original constellations charted by Ptolemy. We believe that the association with the “classic” constellations of the heavens and the associated myths provide us with the perfect associations that our consumers will find in the intrinsic product.

Our inspiration came from “Sassicaia”, a wine estate on the Tuscany coast that set out in the 1960’s to turn winemaking traditions in Italy on their head. Today wines like Sassicaia and Ornelaia are legends.

PINOTAG- GEMINI - Inspired by the brightest stars in the constellation - the twin stars called Castor and Pollux, the latter being the Red Giant Star.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON - SCORPIO- Inspired by the brightest star in Scorpius, Antares, a “giant red” which forms the heart of the scorpion.

MERLOT - TAURUS - Inspired by the brightest star in Taurus, the “giant red, Aldebaran, known as the “eye of the bull”.

SHIRAZ - CAPRICORN - Inspired by the ancient Persian constellation, Capricorn. Deneb Algedi is the brightest star, “the tail of the scorpion”.

CAPE CROSS - CRUX - Inspired by the brightest star in the constellation Crux. A “giant red” called Gamma Crucis, which has guided many an explorer around the Cape of Storms.

HERCULES - HERCULES - Inspired by the constellation Hercules, the giant red is Rasalgethi. Hercules became known as The Hero after completing the twelve labours.

ORION - ORION - Inspired by the constellation Orion whose brightest star is the red giant called Betelgeuse, one thousand times larger than our sun.

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