The History and the Family Part 2

In 1763 Martin Melck bought Muratie for his daughter, Anna Catherina...

In 1763 Martin Melck bought Muratie for his daughter, Anna Catherina. At the time, Melck owned Elsenburg, Uitkyk and Knorhoek.

Anna Catherina lived on Uitkyk in the Manor House there. They built the house on Muratie for the Manager of the farm (Today the main house).

The farm stayed in the Melck-Beyers family for approximately one century before being sold off.

In 1926 a German artist got lost whilst out riding on his horse. As he rode up the valley he found the old manor house in a slightly neglected state. Being an artist by profession, he immediately fell in love with the charm of the place.

He managed to buy the neglected estate and immediately infused some of his Bohemian flair.

In 1927 they planted the first Pinot Noir vines in South Africa.

As an artist who trained in Paris in the early 1900?s, he continued to paint, have exhibitions, sell a few paintings and slowly started developing the estate.
Most of the paintings in the cellar are all done by G.P. Canitz. The painting behind the cellar table is the one used for our Amber Forever wine ? she was on of Canitz?s models and probably his mistress as well.

G.P. Canitz passed away in 1958. His daughter, Annemarie (Annemie) took over from her father. She was one of the first female wine farm owners in South Africa.

The winemaker in her time was the ?barefoot winemaker? called Ben Prins. Prins was an absolute teetotaller. He made wine here until 1987.

In 1987 the farm was sold to Ronnie Melck (One century later the farm is back in the Melck fold).

In 1988 a replanting programme was commenced, some minor alterations done to the cellar, as for the rest, the philosophy at Muratie is to stick to as much traditional methods and values as possible.

Today the current owner is the son of Ronnie Melck, Rijk Melck.

Muratie Wine Estate