About Us

Drawing inspiration from the roots and heritage of Seven Biological Sisters, originally from a small fishing village in the West Coast called Paternoster.

African Roots Wine Brands is 100% black owned and managed. Founded in 2005, it is the holding company for inter alias "Seven Sisters" Wines volume range, "Brutus Family Reserve" and the "John Brutus Reserve. This Brand is a premium range and our vision is to make it a household name. Our grapes are grown in the coastal region as well as on our own farm and the wines made to our specifications.

Come and enjoy authentic, vibrant and wholesome meals such as the sisters childhood favorite Smoor Snoek, cooked in a tomato gravy and topped with garlic bread crumbs at the newly launched Village Table Bistro. Another must have from the eatery is the sisters childhood special, rooster brood with a medley of spices, olive oil and preserves. This will surely set you off to a good start and lucky for you, it is served complimentary with every meal.

We also offer a Skilpadjie Juicy Lucy hamburgers for the young at heart, a Traditional Kaapse Babotie, a Paternoster Fish and Chips and for those with a particular spicy pallet, our spice infused Cape Malay Chicken Curry will be sure to hit the right spot.

Interested in more than just a foodie experience, the sisters wine room offers pre-booked group wine tastings from wines made from their very first harvest of their own grapes planted on the farm, a storytelling of the internationally acclaimed Seven Sisters and event packages.

While being immersed in this experience, one tastes the Seven Sisters range of wines and the Brutus Family Reserve range including the icon wine of Brother John, a sophisticated and smooth Bordeaux blend with Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot brought to you exclusively from Seven Sisters Vineyards.

Seven Sisters Vineyards, the answer to the Cape West Coast experience for the whole family.

Seven Sisters Vineyards