A short overview of the long history of wine in the Cape

A new addition to the juno Wine Company is the fabulous Cafe Juno at the winery headquarters in main Road, Paarl.

It has taken less than a year for Cafe Juno to become a Paarl landmark. 

Cafe Juno is a delightful breakfast and lunch bistro at 191 Main Road, Paarl, offering  uncomplicated, delicious dishes, wines at cellar price, great service and a truly wonderful ambience.

The Cafe is the only place in Paarl to go for the finest freshly baked baguettes, ciabattas and rye loaves. The deli section tempts visitors with a variety of absolutely delectable items to take home.

Situated at 191 Main Road, Paarl, the home of the Juno Wine Company, the venue also houses the working studio and gallery of the artist Tertia du Toit.

Visitors often refer to their time at Juno as being one of the highlights of their trip to the Cape.

Juno Wine Company
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