Thokozani - The Partner company at Diemersfontein

Thokozani ("let's celebrate") is the empowerment partner company of the Diemersfontein Wine & Country Estate. 'Using Diemersfontein as a base initially, we hope to build expertise, capacity and opportunity for our employees in the hospitality, wine and related businesses.'

Our Vision - short-term, medium-term and long term

David Sonnenberg, owner of Diemersfontein comments, "We intend to grow our already successful conference business from a single venue, 18- room unit to a multiple venue, 30- bedroom unit in a few years time. Thokozani will own and develop the additional real estate involved (five erven and Bluegum Cottage) which will form the principal component of its asset base and capital gain potential.

"We will continue to welcome our corporate and government clients as they conduct their workshops, professional conferences and training events; we hope to run occasional in-house conferences that focus on the country's change processes".

Thokozani Wines - already established with a small range of three blends - will develop in the local and international markets. Importers already exist in the UK, Germany and Belgium.

"We will only be producing wines that would be consistent with Diemersfontein Wines quality. For the first few vintages wines will be produced at the Diemersfontein cellars, and thereafter we will review additional production facilities", explains David Sonnenberg.

The Thokozani Art Gallery - formed in association with prominent artists from the Paarl/Wellington area will show works of quality - initially on display at Diemersfontein venues on a regular basis. Artists themselves as shareholders will benefit from the retail margin - and hopefully in its dedicated building on Diemersfontein in due course.

Thokozani is a Company within a Company but its employees are "free to fly" - to develop as professionals and to gain practical and entrepreneurial skills - Thokozani can develop micro-enterprises in association with other entrepreneurs - eg Thokozani Transport.

Shareholders of the Staff Holdings company commit to developing skills, understanding the small business principles by attending training sessions, and, having been allocated a block of shares in exchange for a future minimum five year commitment, they also will be acquiring additional shares by a contributing a small salary amount monthly.

"In the spirit of BEE we attempt to buy many of our goods and services from empowered companies", concludes Sonnenberg.

Who owns Thokozani?

30% Thokozani Staff Holdings - a holding company owned by all Diemersfontein/Thokozani employees who have worked for the companies for at least 1 year

30% By external investors - principally through a consortium of professional and business managers headed by Mr Jacques van der Heyde

40% The Diemersfontein Group

Thokozani Winelands Investments (Pty) Ltd
Mr Jacques van der Heyde - representing external investor consortium
Mrs Denise Stubbs - representing Thokozani Staff Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Mr David Sonnenberg - Diemersfontein
Mr Delano Lewis (US citizen)

Thokozani Staff Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Mrs Denise Stubbs
Mrs Phillidah Pieterse

Thokozani Art Galleries
Mrs Susan Sonnenberg
Mr Kerwin Cupido

Accountants : and associates, Paarl
Auditors: Sizwe Ntsaluba, Cape Town

Tel: 021 8645050
Fax: 021 8642095

Diemersfontein Wine and Country Estate