The Wines

We have two ranges, our Haut Espoir Estate Wines and Haut Espoir Reserve Wines.

Haut Espoir Estate Wines - These fine wines are crafted for all occasions. The emphasis is on well structured wines which reflect the classic varietal characteristics. These wines have good structure with subtle and intense fruit flavours. They are the perfect accompaniment to fine foods or can be enjoyed on their own.

Haut Espoir Reserve Wines - The wines bearing this label are the result of dedicated winemaking and the utmost care and attention in the winery. The fruit has been selected from single vineyards for its potential to produce great wine. In the winery the wines are matured in oak barrels and they are powerful, intense yet soft with remarkable structure. Reserved for those special occasions these wines can be enjoyed on their own or with a wide range of cuisine.

Haut Espoir