Our Philosophy

Wines produced in harmony with nature. This natural and ecology friendly way of wine-making started in Europe. Today thereis a world-wide awareness of the sensitivity of nature and ecology.

In developing countries the emphasis is often solely on development and little consideration is given to nature.

Says Stefan Smit, cellarmaster at LOUIESENHOF, "During the four years I studied Viti - and Viniculture in Weinsberg in Germany, I became intensely aware of the sensitivity of the ecology. Consequently I decided to produce wines in consideration with nature, "with as little tampering with nature as possible."

LOUIESENHOF has a wide range of soils with different slopes, gradients and a variety of micro climates.

After purchasing Louiesenhof I immediately started with soil analysis'. With this knowledge we can now replant the ideal cultivars to the correct terroir.

A member of the Bottelary Conservancy, Louiesenhof is involved in efforts to preserve endangered fynbos and other rare plant species here, and to clear alien plants.