Welcome to The Winery of Good Hope

The team ...
The Winery of Good Hope team encompasses everything characteristic about the  New South Africa?. A diverse cultural and racial mosaic, combining indigenous South Africans with Northern and Southern Hemisphere adoptees - a blending of ideas, of values and of purpose, creating a natural dynamic for innovation and success.

The wines ...
The Winery of Good Hope's distinctive ranges reflect entirely separate styles. Each focused and yet diverse. Each range has its own raison d'tre, independent of the others, though complimentary to the bigger picture. Together providing a variety of options through an extended spectrum of varieties, price points, unique packaging and characterful wines. Wines originating from the most established vineyards of the Cape and wines from the most over-looked or undiscovered sites, the exciting cutting-edge micro-climates from previously ignored locations across the Cape.

Across everything it creates, The Winery of Good Hope aims to consistently provide its followers with quality and value, whilst combining a pursuit of innovation with a healthy respect of tradition. The personalities and characters that make up The Winery are evident in each of the different wines. And as so often in such circumstances, the sum of the parts is so much greater than the ability of the individual.

Individual wines - individual people - individual service - individual ideas

Our Brands Are:

Radford Dale
Made in exceedingly limited quantities, to seriously high standards. Combining the great attributes of proven, traditional methods with modern viticulture and instinctive winemaking. Aptly summarized by the maxim "The best of Both Worlds"

Black Rock
Intense, spicy and highly individual, these wines reflect the wildness of their mountainous place of birth. An emerging vineyard from a rugged and unforgiving landscape, producing wines of great mineral complexity and subtlety. ?More than meets the eye ...

Where individualism and quality meet. The sleekest packaging in the Cape, distinct and alluring, in total unison with these characterful and intense wines. A fresh and offbeat approach enhanced by tremendous value for money. Setting a new precedent; The Hope of Good Cape.

The Winery of Good Hope

Extremely approachable, classy and elegant wines.
Primed with Southern-Hemisphere fruit these are very affordable, highly drinkable, all occasion wines.
Good value, good quality and Good Hope.

The Winery of Good Hope