Home of Drostdy-Hof

Tulbagh is a fascinating town with old-world character - it has 32 national monuments in one street! It prides itself on a remarkable balance between three centuries of tradition and a progressive outlook that adopts global trends.

De Oude Drostdy is the spiritual home of Drostdy-Hof and was once the magistrate’s court of Tulbagh.
It was in the entrance hall, on the 6th of October 1806, that bells rang out, the coat-of-arms was revealed and the opening ceremony was concluded with the firing of 11 gunshots!
The architect, Louis Michel Thibault, was first chastised for exceeding his budget but later generously rewarded for this example of neo-Classical genius.

The history of the Drostdy is closely interwoven with that of Tulbagh. Gale force winds and torrential rain damaged the building, so the governor, Lord Charles Somerset, took the opportunity to move the seat of local government to Worcester. But many reported that the storm damage was grossly exaggerated and it was really Lord Charles’s love of horses and hunting that spurred his decision to move…

The Drostdy then passed into private ownership. It suffered the ravages of a fierce fire that damaged the yellowwood and stinkwood beams but it was the devastating earthquake in 1969 that shook this building to its foundations. Specialists doubted whether it could be reconstructed, but an immense amount of restoration work by the National Monuments Council saw it returned to its original graceful dignity.

The National Monuments Council then leased the Drostdy to Drostdy Cellars and today it is appreciated as a museum. The home’s atmosphere is inherent in the furnishings - the stately grandfather clock, the piano lit by candelabras, the fine china and the gramophone. In the kitchen one will find the open fireplace adorned by shining brass pots and pans.

But De Oude Drostdy is more than a museum - it’s an extraordinary wine tasting venue too.
After descending a steep, narrow staircase to the historic underground slave quarters, visitors are welcomed by candlelight and wine barrels displaying the range of red and white Drostdy-Hof wines.
Open for museum tours and tastings, a visit to De Oude Drostdy will introduce your mind to the history of a colourful country and your tastebuds to South Africa’s favourite wines.

Drostdy-Hof Wines