Pulpit Rock Tradition

Pulpit Rock is a family affair owned by the Brink family.

The dream had been lingering in the minds on the Brink family for many decades and the talents had always been obvious; in 1918 old Grandpa Brink had been asked by Groot Constantia to become their winemaker, but the time was not yet right. Their strong desire to do their own winemaking was eventually put in to action with Ernst (Grandpa Brink’s son) sending his two sons to study more concerning this expertise.

As well as being one of the largest pig farmers in the Western Cape, and landowner of agricultural farms in Namibia, Ernst soon decided that 2003 would be the year to see his great dream materialize. His sons, Haumann, who returned with an Elsenburg College Diploma in Cellar Technology, and Van Der Byl, with a B.Comm. degee from the University of Stellenbosch, are now an integral part of the workings of the winery. 

Even the Brink ladies actively take part in this thriving business - Ernst's wife, Louisa, is the Chairman of the board of directors, and Carin and Hesta (Van de Byl and Haumann's wife, respectively) being directors of Brinkshof Wines (Pty) Ltd.

Pulpit Rock Winery